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LexisNexis Unveils Platform to Provide Better E-Discovery Insights

LexisNexis Legal & Professional is releasing a new e-discovery platform that is enhanced by Brainspace Corp, providing users with earlier insight into litigation data.

The platform, dubbed the Lexis DiscoveryIQ, processes massive datasets for review – pinpointing the story in every case – and reducing the dataset to only the most important elements.

“The Lexis DiscoveryIQ platform is focused on early case assessment – that is getting better insight into data sooner in the case,” said Steve Ashbacher, vice president of litigation solutions with the LexisNexis software and technology business.  “This will drive better legal decisions about litigation strategy and more predictable outcomes – while also reducing the volume of data that has to be sent to Review, the most time-consuming and expensive stage of e-discovery.”

Brainspace ID technology integration is combined with the Lexis DiscoveryIQ platform and incorporates intelligent, prioritized review that accelerates the process by upwards of 60-90%, according to LexisNexis. In addition, the company says, the new solution offers comprehensive litigation support, earlier insight into data, flexible analytics, and a faster path to more accurate results. 

After spending time with customers and advisors, the need for creating the solution became clear, according to Ashbacher. “Our discussions with in-house counsel and litigation professionals at law firms alike had several things in common:  The need for reliable insight to potential risk of a case – much earlier in the workflow; better litigation strategies as a result of that insight; and maintaining or reducing the cost of e-discovery,” Ashbacher said.

LexisNexis and Brainspace will continue to innovate together in the future, bringing more analytics and visual analytics into the fold because they are valuable for quickly understanding massive datasets, Ashbacher explained.

“The very catalyst for e-discovery was the dramatic growth in electronically generated files in the late 1990s,” Ashbacher said. “The volume of content is likely to continue to grow, and the use of analytics is the only reliable means to manage that volume for the foreseeable future. “

For more information about Lexis DiscoveryIQ, visit www.lexisnexis.com

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