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Lexalytics allows entire NLP product suite to deploy in any environment

Lexalytics, a provider of machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, is allowing its entire text analytics and natural language processing (NLP) product suite to deploy in any computing environment—on premise; private, public or hybrid cloud; or individual workstation.

Previously, the only on-premises option from Lexalytics was its core Salience text analytics libraries which are integrated into existing customer or BI applications. Now, Semantria, the company’s text analytics RESTful API, as well as Lexalytics Intelligence Platform, a complete application for gathering, processing, modeling, analyzing and visualizing relevant information extracted from unstructured text, can also be deployed on premises, in addition to a public or private-public cloud, hybrid configuration.

Lexalytics also announced it is pioneering a new machine learning approach to text analytics that it is calling “micromodels.”

In any text analytics application, there is generally a small subset of phrases, concepts and entities that are difficult to correctly score or extract with monolithic “macromodels.”  These ambiguous terms can cause a drop in the system’s accuracy.

With micromodels, Lexalytics can improve accuracy by identifying the critical subset of terms unique to a particular customer or industry and creating micromodels for each term, reducing the amount of data and hours required to train the system.

For more information about this news, visit www.lexalytics.com.

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