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Lexalytics Enhances Text Analytics Tool for Microsoft Excel

Lexalytics, a provider of cloud and on-prem text analytics solutions, has released Semantria for Excel 5.0, a text analytics add-in for Microsoft Excel to help companies gain better insights from surveys and improve business outcomes.

Semantria for Excel is aimed at helping market researchers, business analysts, customer experience management, voice of the customer, and voice of the employee professionals to more quickly and easily analyze both structured and unstructured survey data. According to the vendor, Semantria for Excel can generate insights and create reports and data visualizations with the click of a button, whether generated from popular third-party online survey companies or formats like SPSS or triple-S XML.

While business analysts and market researchers have used Lexalytics for years to gain insights from their unstructured data from survey responses, for the first time, this new add-on gives them the ability to correlate that unstructured data with their structured data directly in Excel to gain insights more quickly, according to Jeff Catlin, CEO, Lexalytics.

Semantria for Excel 5.0 enables users to filter by Net Promoter Score-based on survey responses and correlate those scores to the unstructured data of actual customer or employee comments; to connect to SurveyMonkey to import survey data for analysis; and to determine sentiment - the positive, negative or neutral tones to each theme, entity and category embedded in the content to better understand market position.

It also allows users to customize or “tune” each feature, including categorization, context determination, entity extraction, and sentiment analysis, as well as to analyze content in a majority of languages spoken worldwide, since Lexalytics processes text in 22 languages for global brands.

Semantria for Excel leverages Lexalytics’ cloud-based Semantria API via the Semantria for Excel add-in. For more information on the product, go to www.lexalytics.com/semantria/excel.

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