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Leena AI’s WorkLM promises to change the future of work

Leena AI, the company revolutionizing enterprise employee experience, is offering WorkLM, its proprietary large language model (LLM) built especially for the enterprise employee experience poised to redefine how employees engage with work to deliver a transformative impact on productivity, efficiency, and overall work satisfaction.

WorkLM harnesses Leena AI’s language model architecture to provide an unparalleled predictive text generation capability.

With its advanced ability to produce human-like responses in context, WorkLM is an indispensable tool for a wide range of tasks, from auto-completing emails to generating comprehensive reports and providing recommendations from existing enterprise-wide business performance data, according to the company.

With a learning capacity of 7 billion parameters, WorkLM is meticulously designed to understand complex enterprise data and generate intricate text.

WorkLM’s substantial “brain capacity” enables it to discern the finest nuances of language, consistently producing high-quality responses that adapt to diverse contexts. WorkLM empowers employees with a versatile toolset to accomplish tasks with exceptional precision and speed.

At the core of WorkLM lies its powerfully unique training dataset composed of 2TB of curated proprietary data acquired by Leena AI over the past 7 years.

According to the vendor, this imparts WorkLM with an unrivaled grasp of business language and contexts, enabling it to comprehend complex challenges. Leena AI ensures comprehensive enterprise data security and privacy protection, eliminating unintended machine learning access and exposure concerns.

"Our unveiling of WorkLM represents a pivotal moment in the future of work," stated Adit Jain, co-founder and CEO of Leena AI. "With WorkLM’s revolutionary capabilities, we proudly lead the charge in transforming the enterprise employee experience. WorkLM empowers enterprises to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency. It is an exciting time as we set out to offer personalized, responsive solutions that will revolutionize the way employees engage with their work, driving remarkable business growth."

For more information about this news, visit https://leena.ai.

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