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Learning how to get a Google-like enterprise search experience at KMWorld Connect 2021

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Google has had a dramatic impact on the way people work and what they expect from technology, explained Kamran Khan, president & CEO, Pureinsights, in a KMWorld Connect 2021 keynote, titled “How to Deliver Google-Like Search Experiences.”

Users of enterprise search applications want one simple thing: “Just make it work like Google,” said Khan, and, as Google search has gotten better and smarter, there is now a requirement for companies to master AI technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and knowledge graphs to deliver a similar experience. However, companies may struggle to keep up, due to the lack of resources or the pace of change in technology. 

According to Khan, users want a search experience to provide:

  • The ability to ask a question, get a direct answer
  • Entity cards about the subject
  • Featured snippets/FAQs
  • “People also searched for …”
  • Traditional search results to explore

Khan walked attendees through high-level examples of how Pureinsights helps customers achieve the search experience they want and the different types of questions that can be asked by taking search to the next level through a combination of AI and search, and the variety of use cases.

Many of the once-disruptive, and now widely embraced, technologies and applications, such as Waze, Airbnb, Amazon Prime, are driven by search behind the scenes, said Khan, noting that search is now ubiquitous.

Elements of the Pureinsights Discovery Platform for building Google-like search experiences, are:

  • Use of data connectors, content processing, AI services, search engines, and knowledge graphs
  • Natural language processing-enabled
  • A modern cloud-based architecture
  • Flexibility
  • Designed to scale

Three pillars of the Pureinsights business are consulting, its technology with the Pureinsights Discovery Platform, and fully managed services.

KMWorld Connect 2021 is going on this week, November 15 -18, with workshops on Friday, November 19. On-demand replays of sessions will be available for a limited time to registered attendees and many presenters are also making their slide decks available through the conference portal. For more information, go to www.kmworld.com/conference/2021.

Access to session archives will be available on or about November 29, 2021, so be sure to check back for on-demand replays.

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