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  • June 19, 2012
  • News

Lean business process management from Integrify

Integrify has launched Version 5.5 of its robust, lean business process management solution. Available as both an on-premise or hosted service, the company reports, Integrify 5.5 has been engineered to centrally manage user requests from multiple locations, streamline workflow and operations, automate business processes, reduce cost and improve employee satisfaction by providing process definition, workflow automation and visibility.

“This latest release offers feature enhancements that are driven by our customer’s needs,” says Integrify CEO David Willsey. “Our goal is to focus on making a product that makes process management easy enough for the business to manage, without having to solely rely on IT or spend the time understanding the nuances of BPM software.”

Integrify 5.5’s new features include: 

  • revamped process designer—drag and drop task types where they are desired in the visual flow, connect transition lines between tasks, expand and display rules and recipients in the flow view, easily view the flow (and the rules and task recipients) in print mode, copy tasks in process configurations and add free text labels within the flow for notes; 
  • database connections library—define and save database connections into a reusable library to choose from for future task configurations;
  • streamlined options for searching and filtering—common options for adding, editing and deleting all items and the ability to search all lists and delete multiple items from a list;
  • enhanced dynamic notification—ability to define dynamic senders of dynamic e-mail notifications;
  • new charting options for reports—HTML 5-based charts make reports with pie, line or column charts viewable on HTML 5 compliant devices such as an iPad or Android; 
  • streamlined process initiation—ability to optionally bypass the ‘renaming a request’ and ‘submit on behalf of’ screen when configuring a process, allowing users to be taken directly to the first task in the process. 
  • inbound e-mail monitoring—define an inbox to monitor messages for generating new requests in Integrify and use message data points for business rule process execution.

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