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Kyndi 6.0 offers new capabilities to optimize knowledge management with latest version of its generative AI answer engine

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Kyndi, the Answer Engine company, is releasing the version of its Generative AI Answer Engine, Kyndi 6.0, introducing new features that address the need for more effective knowledge management and AI transparency.

Integrated into Kyndi's platform, the new features expand on the existing generative AI use cases for enterprises looking to optimize their knowledge management process and the information retrieval experiences for the end users.

Using Kyndi 6.0, content leaders can leverage a new generative AI-enabled feature called “Topics” which empowers them to curate, validate, and manage knowledge bases in under one hour while ensuring the correct and relevant answers are always available to the end users.

Another capability is the new generative AI-enabled user interface called “Citation”, which presents end users with the citations of the content sources for enhanced AI explainability. Users can also copy the citations for future references and continued research. 

Key features of the Kyndi Version 6.0 include:

  • Topics - Content and knowledge management teams can leverage generative AI to auto-generate suggestions of both Topics and related Question-Answer pairs anchored in trusted enterprise content. Using the Topics feature, content and knowledge management leaders can build a knowledge base in as little as an hour, saving internal teams significant time and resources from manually organizing and creating content while optimizing the outputs.
  • Citation - A new end user interface powered by generative AI that serves up both curated and auto-generated answers. Citation targets use cases like blog sites, online publishers, and research sites, offering a citation section that lists the sources of the content that contributed to the concise summary presented to the end user. The user can also copy their query, the auto-generated answer, and all the relevant citations for easy reference later.
  • End-user Feedback - Facilitates feedback on the results users receive. Kyndi 6.0 supports "like/dislike" feedback and allows users to provide detailed insights on unsatisfactory answers. This comprehensive feedback system captures user sentiments at various levels, guiding content teams to fine-tune the knowledge base to meet their customers' content needs.
  • Query Export - Enables content and knowledge management leaders to easily export query history from Kyndi’s Analytics tool and import it into Kyndi’s Forecasts tool to tune and optimize the system performance easily.

“While many organizations were initially swept up in the hype of GenAI, they soon witnessed deal-breaking issues from inaccurate answers due to hallucinations, difficulty in incorporating domain-specific information, lack of explainability, and security challenges,” said Ryan Welsh, CEO and founder of Kyndi. “As an end-to-end enterprise solution, Kyndi 6.0 addresses these challenges by bringing new capabilities that enhance relevancy, AI transparency, and automation to organizations looking to modernize the way their users find critical business information."

For more information about these updates, visit https://kyndi.com.

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