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Kofax rebrands as Tungsten Automation to reflect its AI-powered workflow automation focus

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Kofax is rebranding itself as Tungsten Automation to further embody the characteristics of its workflow automation software: robust, reliable, and purpose built to deliver unparalleled innovation.

According to the company, this transformation also reflects its evolution from a pioneer in document capture to a global provider of intelligent, AI-powered workflow automation solutions.

"Tungsten Automation represents a pivotal moment in our journey as we continue to expand our portfolio of solutions and bring the latest technological innovations to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers,” said Reynolds Bish, CEO - Tungsten Automation. “This change highlights the depth and breadth of our trusted workflow automation solutions, culture of innovation, and continued commitment to staying ahead of the curve in helping our customers improve their efficiency and reduce costs with intelligent automation solutions they can trust.”

This new identity better augments the company’s leading Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities, adding enhanced value to its portfolio of solutions, particularly in the areas of traditional invoice processing, e-invoicing, and automating accounts payable processes, serverless print management, and document productivity, according to Tungsten Automation.

This new name also solidifies the company’s evolution into a truly global entity with over 2,200 employees across 32 countries, and a global partner ecosystem serving over 25,000 customers.

“Choosing Tungsten Automation as our new name means embracing a promise of enduring reliability, innovations recognized by leading industry analysts and a commitment to success in the dynamic world of intelligent automation. With a broad portfolio of solutions dedicated to solving inefficiencies across a wide parameter of use cases in the financial, healthcare, supply chain and government industries, amongst others,” Bish said.

Tungsten Automation began its journey as an innovative document capture company. The company helped businesses transition from paper-based processing to automated data entry, enabling document management, and enhancing their operations.

According to the vendor, over the years, Tungsten Automation evolved into a trusted global leader in intelligent automation, providing businesses with the capabilities needed to automate their most critical content-, and data-, intensive workflows.

For more information about this news, visit www.tungstenautomation.com.

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