Kimble Applications rolls out Summer 21 release of its PSA platform

Kimble Applications, a global leader in professional services automation, is releasing the Summer 21 verision of its platform, emphasizing organizational flexibility, dynamism, and scalability.

New features in the Summer 21 release include dynamic availability scoring that builds on Kimble’s resource planning and bench optimization functionality, and enhancements to Kimble’s ability to track baseline projections against actual project costs and revenues.

 “Kimble’s PSA solution played a large role in helping our customers successfully navigate the rough seas of 2020, which was a year that saw unprecedented market shifts happen with unprecedented speed. And that dynamism isn’t going away anytime soon,” said Kimble’s CEO Sean Hoban. “Kimble has designed the Summer 21 release to ensure businesses using Kimble are better able to anticipate what they need to do to consistently drive positive outcomes and value for their customers. Our goal is to help businesses overcome challenges that stand in the way of organizational scalability.”

Dynamic Availability Scoring is one enhancement included in Summer 21 that will put businesses in a position to be more proactive when addressing imbalances in their resource pool.

Kimble has introduced numerous workflows in recent releases that put resource managers on the front foot when it comes to lining up the right resources for the right projects.

These include automated resourcing capabilities that find the ideal resources for upcoming assignments based on factors such as needed skills and availability, and bench optimization screens that identify resources with upcoming capacity as well as projects they are suited to take on.

With Dynamic Availability Scoring, the Kimble solution more proactively surfaces the upcoming capacity of resources, with a color spectrum highlighting at a glance exactly how much work a resource does or doesn’t have on their plate in a selected period.

Kimble users are also able to more easily determine which activities should make a resource unavailable and can quickly change the date range they are analyzing.  

Other new resource management features in Summer 21 that have emerged from this ongoing dialogue with Kimble’s customers include added flexibility and automation in the skills approval and skills planning process—with managers able to approve multiple resources’ skills at once from the same screen where they already approve timesheets and expenses—as well as the ability to see, while reviewing proposed candidates for an assignment, what the utilization impacts will be if a candidate for an assignment is accepted.

In addition, Kimble has made multiple user experience optimizations to the powerful Assignment Search screen.

Summer 21 also introduces new ways to manage rate cards, reducing the administrative burden of maintaining accurate rates.

Kimble now allows for management of multiple concurrent active cards, including account specific rate cards that can be managed by account where client-specific rates have been agreed—this makes it easier to ensure rates applied to projects line up with reality, giving businesses a clearer, more accurate idea of what planned work will cost and what it will earn.

For more information about these updates, visit www.kimbleapps.com

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