K2 Launches New Platform that Allows Organizations to Automate Areas of their Business

K2 today is releasing its new low-code process automation platform that furthers innovation in the way organizations drive digital efficiencies.

With a new managed cloud service, K2 Cloud, new on-premises version, K2 Five, and completely redesigned user interfaces and experiences, the platform helps businesses of all types around the globe rapidly deliver powerful process automation and realize business productivity gains.

K2’s low-code process automation platform enables organizations to automate in every area of the business without needing to hire highly skilled developers or spend inordinate amounts of time on repetitive coding.

This platform allows customers to use visual, intuitive process and rules designers on top of an engine that is built to deliver scalable workflows; visually design powerful user experiences using forms that connect to workflows and line-of-business data; point-and-click integration with virtually any line-of-business system; use rich reports and visual analytics deliver the information needed to identify issues and drive optimization; responsive user experience that works on all major devices, whether on or offline; security and governance role-based management tools that provide security and governance on all aspects of the platform; the platform is flexible and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises;  and customers can choose from many customizable pre-built processes or use the K2 App Wizard to quickly create a new process in a few steps.

Several existing K2 tools and features have been significantly updated and some of these include a new workflow designer, App Wizard, and Workspace

At launch, K2 Cloud and K2 Five will have feature parity. However, the company will rapidly iterate on K2 Cloud with feature and functionality shipments every six weeks in order to innovate rapidly for customers.

New K2 Five versions will be released annually to bring already released cloud features to customers that are deployed on-premises or in hosted environments. The two products will be available for use in the coming weeks.

To learn more about this news, visit www.k2.com

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