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Iron Mountain Announces Cloud-Based Content Services Platform Powered by Google Cloud's AI and Machine Learning

Iron Mountain, a provider of storage and information management services, has announced the commercial availability of Iron Mountain InSight, a new SaaS content services platform developed in partnership with Google Cloud to help organizations realize the value of their physical and digital information. Iron Mountain InSight uses machine learning-based classification techniques to add structure, context, and metadata to customers' content. With AI-based content analytics and a visual search interface, Iron Mountain InSight is aimed at helping organizations to mine their data to uncover new revenue and cost savings opportunities.

The new solution combines Google Cloud's AI and machine learning with Iron Mountain's content analytics platform, interoperability with its Iron Cloud secure data storage services and expertise in data analytics and metadata classification to enable analysis and classification of information. It uses a process for sequencing machine learning across specific sets of data and information that executes high fidelity optical character recognition, visual similarity searches, facial and speech recognition, and natural language processing across a variety of content types (documents, maps, spreadsheets, videos, etc.) and physical and digital sources (hard copy, backup tape, SharePoint, network file share, etc.), applying machine learning and AI-based technology to uncover trends, insights, and indicators.

Delivered as a subscription-based, cloud-native platform – including optional integration with Iron Mountain Iron Cloud secure storage and services, with supporting analytics, Iron Mountain InSight says the approach enables quick implementation and delivers the scale to fit an organization's growing need for analysis, classification, and data value discovery.

For more information on Iron Mountain InSight, visit www.ironmountain.com/insights.

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