Intelligent Education offers free teaching tools to boost remote learning during COVID-19

Intelligent Education is offering intuitive tools for free that help teachers, instructors, and educators at all grade levels build high-quality online courses remotely.

"The goal of Intelligent Education was to provide free, easily accessible educational material to eager learners worldwide," says Dr. Jed Macosko, academic director of Intelligent Education and assistant professor of physics at Wake Forest University. "That's still our aim. But with 30 courses available to date by professors at top universities, we are opening our platform to assist educators who would otherwise be stymied by the pressing task of creating online courses.”

In response to this unprecedented need by educators for professional courseware-creation tools, Intelligent Education is moving its toolset launch date from this summer to today.

Intelligent Education, founded in 2018, began creating professional-grade online courses and educational materials for college professors, K–12 teachers, and homeschool audiences.

“By making the tools we use available to all educators, now they can create high-quality courses quickly and easily—just like we do—using readily available equipment,” Macosko said. Rather than fussing with hard-to-use software and hardware, do what you love to do: teach!”

With Intelligent Education courses, users can add visual aids—notes, images, and video—and even display picture-in-picture during lectures.

Each user portal account includes Google Cloud storage for videos. Closed captioning and time-stamped transcripts are also available (minimal fees apply).

For more information about this news, visit https://intelligenteducation.com/.

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