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Integral raises $6.9M in funding to supercharge data privacy and quality in the life sciences space

Integral, a provider safeguarding privacy and maximizing data quality, announced it raised a $6.9 million seed round to protect sensitive health data and provide automated expert certification software.  

The seed round was led by Haystack, The General Partnership, and Virtue Ventures, with additional support from Also Capital, Array Ventures, Caffeinated Capital, GreatPoint Ventures, LiveRamp Ventures, and Venrex.

"Combining healthcare and non-healthcare data can transform healthcare research and innovation. John and I asked why healthcare companies couldn’t buy and analyze data as quickly as retailers like Target or Walmart, and we’ve made that possible with Integral. We’ve proven and will continue to prove that speed, accuracy, and privacy can be treated equally, even when working with highly regulated data," said Shubh Sinha, Integral CEO. "We created Integral to achieve this goal, ensuring personal information is protected and people's privacy rights are respected. By prioritizing privacy and building trust with the public, researchers can unlock more value from data, which leads to better clinical trials, medications, products, technologies, and more."

Integral is backed by experts in healthcare and technology, including advisors to the company, Jason Brenner, Regional Vice President for Healthcare and Life Sciences at LiveRamp, and Dr. Bradley Malin, Vice Chair for Research and Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Vanderbilt University. Angel investors in the company include Andrew Arruda, co-founder and CEO at Flexpa; Abhishek Chandra, co-founder and CEO at Recora Health; Joel Jewitt, co-founder and Vice President at LiveRamp; Michel Tricot, co-founder and CEO at Airbyte; Sam Whitaker, founder and CEO at Mural Health; and others.

Founded by John Kuhn, CTO, and Sinha, Integral streamlines dataset creation by automating the de-identification and compliance certification process.

Personal and highly revealing healthcare data such as medical records, health histories, and genetic information, when combined with non-healthcare data such as social media activity, purchasing history, and location data, give researchers a deep, holistic understanding of a person's health and lifestyle.

While this combined data set enhances healthcare research and improves health outcomes, it can pose a significant threat to people's privacy by potentially exposing sensitive information about individuals, according to Kuhn and Sinha.

The company has already brought on highly experienced healthcare expert Timothy Nobles, who brings more than 18 years of experience in large-scale, privacy-preserving data solutions in Healthcare and FinTech.

According to Amruta Moktali, chief product officer at Skyflow, an Integral partner, “We are seeing incredible momentum for adoption of LLM in regulated industries like healthcare. Skyflow’s data privacy vault offers a complete data privacy layer for LLMs. Our partnership with Integral allows our customers to get expert certification in days rather than weeks and months.”

For more information about this news, visit https://useintegral.com.

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