InsideView Collaborates with ABM to Create a New Solution for B2B Marketers

InsideView is partnering with ABM to introduce InsideView Target, a new, powerful solution for the B2B marketer’s account-based marketing (ABM) Toolbox.

Target with ABM is a fully redesigned version of InsideView Target with new ABM workflows that facilitate more successful ABM sales and marketing programs.

The solution allows marketers to search for or upload a list of companies and find contacts that look like their best customers, or use predetermined lists to suppress competitors or current customers.

InsideView Target is a list-building engine that identifies decision makers, zeroes in on the ideal prospects, and expands a company’s market by adding more prospects based on the characteristics of its ideal customers.

With the new ABM features, marketers and sellers can quickly find contacts at specific companies by typing a company name, or uploading a list or lists, of companies to search.

InsideView Target then provides a list of contacts, actionable compelling business events, and information on the technologies used in the company so that marketers and sellers can understand deeply what is happening in the accounts and ultimately focus on the people at those companies.

Target with ABM allows users to import new targeted prospect lists into their existing sales and marketing system or save lists to allow for easy future access.

The solution also supports programs focused on acquiring net new customers. For this goal, marketers and sellers can upload a list of companies to suppress (such as current customers or competitors) to arrive at a highly-customized list of net new targets. InsideView Target is integrated with Marketo, Eloqua, and Salesforce.com.

For more information about this platform, visit www.insideview.com/target.

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