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Inflectra SpiraPlan v7.7 empowers customers to achieve their business goals

Inflectra, an enterprise software provider, is releasing SpiraPlan v7.7, a highly anticipated upgrade to its Enterprise Agile Planning platform that introduces program-level capabilities and milestones, allowing users to efficiently plan product delivery, manage backlogs, and track progress across multiple products within SpiraPlan's programs and portfolios.

By leveraging these new features, organizations can deliver projects faster, enhance overall quality, reduce risk, and stay compliant with industry regulations, according to the company. This landmark release solidifies SpiraPlan as Inflectra's flagship scaled agile solution, and its feature-rich design enables organizations to navigate complex regulatory frameworks while delivering exceptional results.

"We are thrilled to announce the release of SpiraPlan v7.7, our advanced Enterprise Agile Planning platform. With SpiraPlan v7.7, Inflectra sets a high standard for scaled agile solutions in all industries. The platform's integrated capabilities and milestones empower customers to achieve their business goals efficiently, effectively, and in strict compliance with international standards and regulatory frameworks," said Adam Sandman, CEO of Inflectra.

Inflectra's vision for future releases includes further improving how teams at scale can leverage SpiraPlan, with better ways to review, report on, and manage delivery programs. In 2024, Inflectra plans to extend its scaled agile functionality further with features to manage portfolios of programs better.

For more information about this news, visit www.inflectra.com.

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