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Increasing employee productivity with knowledge management

Whether it's the Great Resignation bringing more employees than ever to onboard new jobs or learn new skills, or the burnout of the relentless demands of always-on remote work-life, companies need a new approach: one that builds a fabric of knowledge amongst employees, customers, and partners that allows us to, in game theory parlance, play the infinite game and extract maximum value.

KMWorld held a webinar with Igor Jablokov, founder and CEO, Pryon who discussed how augmented intelligence can help boost productivity with the ease of natural language.

Jablokov cited the Great Resignation as the starting point to rethink our relationship to work. According to Gallup polls, employee engagement is down to 20% and 72% of enterprise workers say searching for, sharing, and accessing files are tasks that get in the way of them doing their jobs effectively

Another poll by Adobe found that 50% of enterprise workers would switch jobs to access tools that made them more effective at work, he said.

Companies with enhanced knowledge visibility can see and respond faster to issues, alleviating stressors for employees and allowing them to work more effectively.

Full knowledge visibility requires:

  • A centralized platform where needs, usage, and results are tracked
  • Powerful AI to continuously read, organize, and retrieve
  • Next generation experiences – (so people will use it)

Full knowledge visibility leads to better business outcomes, time and money saved, and the reduction of risk and harm, he said.

“You can’t really transform, can’t really have intelligent automation, can’t really be a workplace of the future or outshine your competitors at CX— without knowledge visibility with AI,” Jablokov said.

Legacy systems lead to siloed knowledge that is redundant and incomplete. Moving forward with Pryon enables users to capturing unified and normalized missing knowledge, he explained. AI transforms raw data into consumable knowledge.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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