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Improving collaboration with XR at KMWorld Connect 2020

Extended reality (XR) includes 360-degree imagery, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and spatial computing. These immersive technologies are impacting every industry and offer new ways to communicate and collaborate.

At KMWorld connect 2020, Chad Mairn, director of the Innovation Lab at St. Petersburg College, explained how XR technologies are being used today and offered demonstrations of how they can be applied to enhance experiences and interactions in business, educational, and artistic settings.

KMWorld Connect, November 16-19, and its co-located events, covers future-focused strategies, technologies, and tools to help organizations transform for positive outcomes.

According to Mairn, augmented reality is an overlay of computer generated (CG) content on the real world. The digital content does not recognize (and therefore respond) to the physical objects within the real world.

Among many examples, Maim showcased a study session for anatomy students in 3D via an AnatomyX co-location study center with Magic leap and HoloLens.

Virtual reality essential is a computer tricking your brain to believe that you are in a different environment. It is a simulation.

Headsets using Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) tracking offer whole-room VR experiences giving users more freedom to explore locations and interact with objects.

Moreover, according to Mairn, a 3D object can be embedded into online documents thanks to a model viewer web component. An AR piece can also be embedded too so when a paper is presented to a class the 3D object can be seen in physical space. That way the audience can see what the real dimensions of the object are instead of seeing it in 2D.

Mairn offered examples of the myriad applications of these XR options for research, education, painting and sculpture, business meetings, political speeches, and many other activities and interactions.

Replays of KMWorld Connect webinars will be made available for on-demand viewing.

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