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How to Create a Learning Ecosystem to Support Knowledge Sharing


Produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

As organizations work to empower employees so that they can share their knowledge and bring value from that for the company they are also striving to facilitate a whole learning culture where we thrive as a learning organization or ecosystem. It is important that the individual is empowered and can seek their own growth and their own knowledge sharing, but that the portfolio can also be leader-driven.

At KMWorld Connect 2021, TechnicFMC's Kim Glover explained how to build a thriving learning culture within your organization. "So, what does that look like? We have four interrelated platforms and they are global and it starts with competencies. And so we have a competency management system and it feeds into the formal learning curriculum and the formal learning platform."

But again, she said, we have curriculum and we also have employee-driven learning opportunities all through the catalog with all different kinds of blended learning solutions. "And then this is where the KM gets connected because we have a robust set of communities of practice that are sponsored that have SMEs identified. And we also have an employee-driven knowledgebase, a wiki, where anyone from any department anywhere in the world can contribute their knowledge—but it's connected with those communities of practice." The same SMEs are watching over them and the pages have to be approved and these become informal learning content, said Glover.

"And looking on the left here, and you can see where the connections are between those platforms to form that ecosystem," Glover explained. "We have knowledge fleets, and we have best practices that get shared in the knowledge management networks. And then push back into more formal learning. We have learning cohorts where people get together and discuss what they're learning in their community of practice.

And then the way that the wiki is connected is through these blended learning hubs, 
Glover continued, "so that the content you access from the learning management system might be pointing to the Wiki. In fact, the competency platform points to the wiki, quite a bit for awareness-level learning. So we have learning playlists that span all of these different platforms and bring in content from other places as well so that it's not really important, which system you're in; what's important is what do you want to learn today? And then how do you find it?"

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