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Hitachi Vantara enhances Lumada portfolio to improve industrial IoT environments  

Hitachi Vantara has announced updates to its core Lumada portfolio to deliver real-time, actionable insights and improve operational efficiency across the industrial space. These offerings help deliver real-time, actionable insights that accelerate the ability to predict problem areas, streamline production and maintenance, and create a connected supply chain—resulting in enhanced operational efficiency, minimal revenue disruptions, and product quality improvements. 

Improving manufacturing operational outcomes involves comprehensive data analysis and integration from thousands of moving parts across remote and industrial environments. Lumada is Hitachi’s digital platform that connects data, assets, and people to fuel industry innovation. It is the software foundation for Lumada Industry Solutions, that extract data-driven insight and drive better operational and business outcomes. The updated Lumada portfolio allows customers to automate tasks and make faster decisions by training data models in the cloud and deploying them to edge devices, creating actionable insights from diverse data sets at lower infrastructure cost. 

“Across the globe, industries are dealing with increasing complexity, a faster changing environment and greater competition that together are driving a need for accelerated digitalization. Supply chain disruptions, health and safety measures and operational challenges have highlighted this need for data-driven innovation,” said, Radhika Krishnan, chief product officer, Hitachi Vantara. “Today’s advancements allow our customers to make faster, more informed decisions so industries can thrive in our rapidly digitalizing future.”  

Hitachi Vantara is accelerating industrial digitalization with enhancements to data-driven offerings for manufacturing, extending AI and automation from edge to core, and delivering deep real-time insights from new combinations of data and connections.  

Lumada Manufacturing Insights: This industry solution delivers greater visibility across a customers' supply chain subsystems with the supply chain module’s ability to implement supply chain control tower solutions and take direct, demand-driven action.  It also integrates data from multiple sources—from asset health data to vibration, video, lidar and audio?to detect potential failure of a machine, manufacturers can better predict points of failure and perform preventive maintenance, reducing downtime and improving output.  

Smart Spaces & Lumada Video Insights: These industry solutions leverage new workflow automation within Hitachi Visualization Suite and a mobile application for improved team collaboration and incident response.  In addition, an expanded Hitachi Edge Gateway portfolio includes industry-tailored and “ruggedized” versions that allow for data integration from sources such as trains, industrial spaces, or first responder vehicles and equipment, and includes higher compute power at the edge with CPU or GPU options to enable new outcomes, and make faster, more data-driven decisions. 

Lumada Edge Intelligence: Integration between the Lumada software platform and Google Cloud allows customers to speedup data preparation by adjusting resources on-demand and combining multiple data types for better insights. Updates to Lumada Edge Intelligence also simplify Machine Learning workflows by pushing models to edge devices for faster automated decision-making without reliance on point tools.  In addition, new APIs for edge management and data access allow reuse of assets, gateways, and software to create integrated solutions utilizing existing infrastructure. 

These updates are now available worldwide from Hitachi Vantara and select partners. Lumada Manufacturing Insights is now available on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Marketplace.  For more information, go to www.hitachivantara.com

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