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Hanzo debuts Command Center for ediscovery within Slack

Hanzo, a provider of enterprise solutions for legal, governance, and compliance teams, is introducing the Hanzo Command Center. Designed to work seamlessly with Hanzo Illuminate the platform is a Slack ediscovery application that allows users to create matters securely, initiate legal holds, add custodians, and trigger collections in either Slack or Google Workspace directly from within Slack.

“Understanding Slack's Digital HQ philosophy that encourages more work to be contained and performed within Slack to facilitate greater productivity was at the forefront of our thinking when designing Command Center,” said Dave Ruel, head of product, Hanzo. “It was important for us to empower enterprise legal teams to improve their workflows by enabling them to manage ediscovery processes in Slack where they were already working.”

Hanzo’s Command Center eliminates productivity-killing context-switching and enables enterprise legal teams to perform eDiscovery duties up to 50% faster than using Hanzo Illuminate alone, according to the vendor. The Slack-based application also provides a guided workflow from matter creation to collection, making the entire process easier to navigate and perform. 

Command Center comes as a feature application for Hanzo Illuminate customers who also have a Slack enterprise grid license and/or Google Business Plus or Enterprise license.

Existing Hanzo Illuminate customers will gain access to this application at no additional cost. Functions included in the Hanzo Command Center application:

  • Matter Creation - Create a matter within Hanzo Illuminate with a name, description, data sources, and optional start/end dates
  • Add Custodian - Add custodian(s) to existing Hanzo Illuminate matters at any point in the ediscovery process.
  • Collect Matter - Trigger a matter collection with optional start/end dates for Slack/Gmail/GDrive data sources.
  • Matter List - Generate a Matter List in Command Center’s “Messages” area.
  • Custodian List - Generate a list of custodians for a selected matter within the Command Center’s “Messages” area.
  • Channel List - Generate a list of channels for a selected matter within the Command Center’s “Messages” area.
  • Close Matter - Close a matter in Hanzo Illuminate. This terminates matter syncing into Slack and releases custodians from hold in Slack and/or Google Vault.
  • Shortcut Actions - All features above are available via shortcuts in the Command Center Messages area.
  • Messages Area - Actions performed in Command Center are logged in the Messages area. Users can search the message area for custodians, actions, matter names, etc.

 For more information about this news, visit www.hanzo.co.

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