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Google Cloud and Workspace introduce new generative AI capabilities

Google announced that developers and businesses can now try new APIs and products that make it easy, safe, and scalable to start building with Google’s AI models through Google Cloud and a new prototyping environment called MakerSuite.

Additionally, Google Workspace is offering new features that help people harness the power of generative AI to create, connect, and collaborate.

According to a recent blog post by Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud, “Google has been investing in AI for many years and bringing its benefits to individuals, businesses, and communities. Whether it’s publishing state-of-the-art research, building helpful products, or developing tools and resources that enable others, we’re committed to making AI accessible to everyone.”

For developers who are experimenting with AI, Google Cloud is introducing the PaLM API, an easy and safe way to build on top of Google’s best language models. The API also comes with an intuitive tool called MakerSuite, which lets users quickly prototype ideas and, over time, will have features for prompt engineering, synthetic data generation, and custom-model tuning — all supported by robust safety tools.

For developers who want to build and customize their own models and apps using generative AI, they can access Google’s AI models, including PaLM, on Google Cloud.

Google is unveiling new generative AI capabilities to the Google Cloud AI portfolio to help developers and organizations access enterprise-level safety, security, privacy, as well as integrate with their existing Cloud solutions:

  • Generative AI support in Vertex AI
  • Generative AI App Builder
  • New AI partnerships and programs

More than 3 billion people already benefit from AI-powered features in Google Workspace, whether it’s using Smart Compose in Gmail or auto-generated summaries in Google Docs, according to the company.

Now, in Gmail and Google Docs, you can simply type in a topic you’d like to write about, and a draft will be instantly generated for you

From there, you can elaborate upon or abbreviate the message or adjust the tone to be more playful or professional—all in just a few clicks.

For more information about these features, visit https://cloud.google.com.

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