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Fujitsu and Box Plan Integrated Solutions Targeting Global Markets

Fujitsu Limited and Box have entered into a non-binding memorandum of understanding for a strategic partnership in the content management space. The partnership would initially be centered on the Japanese market and later expanded globally.

According to Hiroyuki Sakai, corporate executive officer, EVP, head of global marketing, Fujitsu Limited, the collaboration with Box is an important step toward Fujitsu's objective of enabling digital transformation for cusomers in a secure and simple environment. The partnership fits with Fujitsu's strategy and will help the company provide customers with new business opportunities by taking advantage of cloud-computing technologies, he added.

Under the proposed partnership, Fujitsu would deploy Box to the approximately 160,000 employees across its internal communication platform. In addition to improved content management, the Box deployment is also expected to help Fujitsu control storage expansion costs that grow in line with increased volumes of data storage.

Fujitsu will leverage the knowledge gained through the experience of using Box internally to integrate Box into global communication solutions. Under the proposed partnership, the two companies would jointly roll out solutions tailored to specific industries, and also plan to make Box available to Japanese customers as part of the FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc (MetaArc). This will allow Box content to be stored in Fujitsu data centers located in Japan, meeting the needs of those customers who require data storage at data centers inside the country.

Fujitsu plans to offer Box as one part of its MetaArc service beginning in 2017. 

Fujitsu and Box also aim to expand the collaboration into the global market, including joint investment in Asia. Following their collaborative efforts in Japan, Fujitsu and Box say they expect to explore ways to target a wider global market. In Asia, which the companies cite as a particularly promising region for growth, the companies will consider expanding their collaboration with a view toward joint investments in sales and marketing activities to better address the requirements of local customers.

Fujitsu says it has been building its global group-wide communications platform since January 2012. Based on the knowledge gained from this internal implementation, it seeks to provide communication platforms as solutions capable of supporting customers in various industries and business categories, and going forward, to develop solutions with a greater level of convenience to meet customer needs. Fujitsu also aims to provide solutions that integrate the information and communications technology (ICT) of MetaArc with Box for a content management platform.

For more information about the companies, go to  www.fujitsu.com and www.box.com.

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