Foxit Software combines the power of its latest acquisitions to produce PDF Compressor Version 8

Foxit Software, a provider of PDF solutions, is releasing PDF Compressor Version 8, combining the technology from Foxit's acquisition of CVISION and LuraTech.

The updated platform will process both scanned hardcopy and "Born Digital" files for paperless document processing, storage, and long-term archival.

Foxit's PDF Compressor Version 8 helps organizations convert documents from paper to digital formats efficiently and easily.

Foxit's PDF Compressor is designed to apply advanced image compression to scanned documents, reducing file size so they are easier to share and transmit, more accessible, searchable, and easier to process on a large-scale basis.

PDF Compressor Version 8 expands its role in automating this process for businesses with a new ability to run as an unattended Windows service and its uniquely user-friendly job ticketing function. 

This allows organizations to spend less time managing their digital files and more time on value-producing tasks.

With PDF Compressor Version 8, basic PDF handling and PDF operations will now be handled using Foxit's core technology, leveraging highly optimized code for blazing performance increases.

The enhanced features include:

  • Auto-Tagging - Tagging, essential to making documents accessible, is now automated to allow individuals with disabilities to use assistive technology
  • Born Digital Conversion – Convert Office, email, and more to PDF and PDF/A
  • Efficient OCR Handling for Pre-Existing Text – Text layers in hybrid and digital documents are detected and preserved, greatly improving processing speed and minimizing recognition errors
  • Enhanced User Interface - Jobs can now be configured in parallel and can be started independently from each other
  • Unattended Service - Now runs as a Windows Service, no longer requiring the user to be logged into the Windows Event Log
  • OCR Improvements – Adds image preprocessing functions like cropping, despeckling, smoothing, changing color spaces, etc. to make OCR more accurate
  • Zonal OCR – Specific data field or "zone" of text can be determined and OCR'ed instead of the whole document - allowing users to save time and to capture data more precisely
  • Improved MRC Compression - Introduces a smart feature that allows the detection of images, which allows MRC to be more efficient and correctly applied on more images than ever before
  • Enhanced Job Creation – New job wizard allows users to create jobs more easily
  • Comprehensive PDF/A Conversion Options – Output variations for PDF/A conversion include PDF/A-1a, -1b, PDF/A-2a, -2b, -2u, and PDF/A-3a, -3b, -3u
  • Supported FTP Input and Output – Now supports FTP folders as input and output folders
  • Improved Header and Footer – The headers and footers feature has been made more configurable and user-friendly

For more information on this update, visit  www.foxitsoftware.com.

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