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Federal IT Solutions Company Agile Defense Partners With MinerEye Data Governance and Cloud Migration Solutions Provider

MinerEye, a provider of AI-powered data governance solutions that facilitate cloud migration in compliance with government regulations and security, has announced a strategic partnership with Agile Defense, an IT company that provides advanced services to the U.S. Department of Defense and many federal agencies.

Agile Defense will offer MinerEye's Data Tracker as part of its cloud solutions portfolio, enabling government agencies to discover and track large data volumes, to downsize and facilitate secure and expedited cloud migrations; and to comply with data protection regulations.

MinerEye says it has been working with a growing number of Microsoft Azure customers to help them migrate to the Azure cloud, extract more value from their data, and to lower risk by helping them to detect and track sensitive information—including dark and unstructured data—no matter where it is created, modified, or shared.

MinerEye's Data Tracker addresses an issue that many of government entities face: knowing what data they have, where it resides and what part should move to the cloud, said Agile Defense CEO Jay Lee. Governments want to transfer their most critical data assets to the cloud and are looking to solutions such as MinerEye to organize this data, cut migration costs, and ensure security, compliance, and privacy, Lee noted.

For more information, go to www.agile-defense.com and www.minereye.com.

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