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Espressive advances its Integration Designer to automate the resolution of complex issues

Espressive, a provider in automating digital workplace assistance, is making new advancements to its no-code Integration Designer powered by the company’s AI-based virtual agent, Espressive Barista  integrating and communicating with multiple backend systems concurrently and in real-time to automate the resolution of complex issues.

This announcement marks an evolution in the virtual agent market—from a single point of contact resolving Tier 1 requests to connecting various tools across the enterprise to automate higher-tiered issues, according to the vendor.

This enables CIOs to reduce and contain costs through automation while driving an enterprise-wide chatbot strategy that transforms the digital workplace experience.

Leveraging Integration Designer, the new Service Quality Wizard instantaneously determines the health of over 2,000 SaaS applications, verifies the availability of on-premises applications, and identifies and resolves hardware and software issues before executing complex runbooks, streamlining the support process and improving employee productivity and satisfaction.

“Espressive customers achieve deflection rates that significantly surpass the competition due to our focus on automating what service desk agents do all day long—engage with employees to understand issues before providing resolutions,” said Pat Calhoun, founder and CEO of Espressive. “We are redefining the virtual agent market with [this] announcement, by automating much of the investigative and troubleshooting tasks a service desk agent undertakes to resolve an issue. This is critically important at a time when CIOs must increase automation to reduce costs and weather uncertain economic conditions. Our advanced Integration Designer along with the strong partnerships we have developed with companies like Workato, Lakeside, and Digitate make this possible.”

New advancements to Integration Designer take this to the next level by enabling integration with multiple tools—in the cloud or on-premises—concurrently and in real-time to autonomously identify and resolve higher level issues while presenting a holistic experience to employees.

 The new Service Quality Wizard instantaneously determines the health of SaaS and on-premises applications as well as endpoints to determine the root cause of reported hardware and software issues before executing complex runbooks.

With Espressive, organizations can identify and resolve potential outages faster than relying on analytics. Further, by automating the work service desk agents perform during outages or other availability-related application issues, organizations no longer need to divert significant resources from addressing other employee issues.

For more information about this news, visit www.espressive.com.

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