Entelo Promotes Hiring Diversity with New Update

Entelo, provider of a recruiting automation platform, is unveiling a new platform feature to help recruiters strike back against biases.

Unbiased Sourcing Mode in Entelo Search will allow users to hide specific information in candidate profiles that can potentially lead to both deliberate and unconscious bias in the evaluation process.

Suppressing information irrelevant to open positions gives recruiters and hiring managers the ability to surface top candidates based on merit alone.

Using Unbiased Sourcing Mode, Entelo users can anonymize factors commonly associated with different forms of bias.

Filter options include anonymizing names, hiding photos, and replacing gender-specific pronouns to address gender and racial bias, hiding school names to address educational bias, hiding employment gaps to address bias against candidates that have taken family leave, as well as hiding years of experience and hiding graduation dates to address age bias.

 Hiring professionals simply select the filters they want before executing a search. Utilizing Unbiased Sourcing Mode enables recruiters to surface the best candidates for their needs while ensuring everyone receives a fair chance.

Entelo is also making it easier for hiring managers to access the Entelo platform through a newly released Hiring Manager Review queue.

This new feature streamlines the candidate review process so that recruiters and hiring managers can collaborate together to fill roles more efficiently. The Hiring Manager Review feature includes Unbiased Sourcing Mode functionality as well so that unconscious bias is minimized at every angle of the sourcing process.

For more information about this update, visit www.entelo.com.

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