Engineerica Systems offers access to Accudemia to Colleges and Universities transitioning to online learning

Engineerica Systems is offering complimentary access to Accudemia to aid colleges and universities who must move to online only operations.

"The Coronavirus disrupted everyone's lives on a global scale and is forcing colleges to move their operations online on a very short notice," said Mon Nasser, Engineerica's president. "We wanted to help in this transition by offering our academic center management technology to any educational institution that can benefit from it. This technology will help students get the assistance they need from college staff without risking exposure to the virus.”

In an effort to help as many people as possible during this time, Engineerica will assist higher education institutions by providing a complimentary Accudemia account to academic student service centers such as tutoring, advising, or counseling.

This will aid higher institutions as they transition to virtual offerings and services.

Accudemia allows center staff and students to arrange appointments and meet virtually, even from their homes.

The platform also automates confirmation and reminder emails with a customized message so college staff can provide students detailed instructions for their meetings.

Staff, advisors, or tutors can also log meeting notes and schedule future meetings. Administrators will be able to track and report these meetings.

“To provide the fastest possible assistance, we decided to offer the service to new users at no charge from now until the end of the semester,” Nasser said. “Since this is a cloud-based system, setup is quick and easy and users can access it from anywhere at any time. Our Orlando-based tech support department will help in the setup and usage of the system. There are no strings attached with this offer. We are only looking to do what we can to combat the negative effects of this pandemic and help our community."

For more information about this news, visit www.engineerica.com.

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