Easy Projects releases AI-powered forecasting tool

Easy Projects, a work and project management platform, is releasing its AI-powered Project Forecasting System, allowing organizations to accurately predict when projects will be completed, allowing for optimized planning and higher chances of success.

The tool does this by utilizing its proprietary AI/ML algorithms to find patterns and relationships between project-related events and actions.

The algorithm then processes all of the available historical data and analyses a multitude of variables, including project members, their performance history, and communication patterns, amongst many more. Project managers run the forecast at any project stage, and once the analysis is completed, they are shown the date range for expected project completion.

Easy Projects replaces this web of individual tools with a straightforward, personalized workspace that facilitates team collaboration and simplifies the management of projects, tasks and resources.

And now, with the addition of its new project forecasting tool, project managers will be able to optimize the delegation of tasks and resources alongside the organization-wide manageability and visibility provided by the platform.

With the forecasting tool, project managers can expect enhanced performance by themselves and their teams as by being aware of early warnings that projects may missed their planned deadlines, preemptive actions can be taken.

By taking these corrective actions, they can potentially save their organizations thousands of dollars in contractual obligations, overtime payments, and unhappy clients.

AI forecasting is a very powerful tool which will allow teams to take corrective actions before it’s too late and re-organize projects and tasks in real-time, said says Vadim Katcherovski, CEO and founder of Easy Projects.

For more information about this news, visit www.easyprojects.net.

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