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EPAM Launches InfoNgen 7.0 to Improve Actionable Insights

EPAM Systems, Inc., a provider of digital platform engineering and software development services, has launched InfoNgen 7.0, an actionable insight engine that delivers customized content from more than 200,000 web sources in multiple languages. The addition of machine learning through neural networks improves the fidelity of the signal over time, allowing users to find hidden patterns, trends and anomalies. The result, EPAM says, is that customers can quickly find, analyze and share critical information to speed decision-making and stay competitive.

Nearly 80% of new data is unstructured, making it the fastest growing form of data, and companies not taking advantage of it are missing large amounts of relevant information. This unstructured data includes social media, customer-generated content and enterprise assets, such as emails, documents and presentations, which, according to EPAM, can impart valuable takeaways that could mean the difference between scaling a business to success or stagnating against the competition.

Actionable insights are becoming more valuable to businesses, particularly when combined with structured and unstructured data analysis because it allows them to identify and react to gaps in performance to achieve a competitive advantage, said Jitin Agarwal, VP for enterprise products, EPAM. The ability to quickly consolidate and analyze unstructured data is a critical step toward digital transformation, Agarwal added.

InfoNgen is targeted at meeting the needs of a variety of industries, including financial services, life sciences, technology, manufacturing, retail, and legal, in areas such as brand and competitive intelligence, enterprise search, market intelligence and current awareness, customer feedback and inquiry intelligence, and regulatory compliance and risk avoidance.

To learn more about InfoNgen, visit www.infongen.com.

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