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DocPoint Partners with eSignLive

DocPoint Solutions, Inc., which offers implementation, customization, training, and support for SharePoint solutions and products, is partnering with eSignLive, an electronic signature provider, to integrate electronic signatures into SharePoint. The strategic partnership is aimed at allowing DocPoint to help businesses as well as customers in the federal government space move to a paperless office, enable compliance, and support their digital transformation strategy.

Government agencies can use eSignLive in conjunction with a Common Access Card (CAC)/PIV smart card to sign documents in e-contracting, procurement, finance, human resources, supply chain management and operations, both in-person and in the field.

Because it does so much work with the federal government, particularly in the Microsoft SharePoint space, DocPoint wanted a partner that extends what it does in that market, according to Mike Ratigan, vice president of sales at DocPoint.

In the wake of the OPM and related security breaches, Ratigan explained, the federal government is putting a much heavier burden on federal agencies for overall security. Partnering with eSignLive gives DocPoint a strong digital signature product, but at the same time, addresses the concerns of the federal agencies, he noted. “Security is becoming more and more important,” he said, observing that often, requirements from the federal government drive the standards that flow into the commercial space as well.

Available on DocPoint’s General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70, in-country in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, as well as in a FedRAMP SaaS-level compliant cloud, eSignLive provides e-signing experiences that offer legal protection and regulatory compliance. “If an organization wants to sell a cloud based solution to the government, it has to be FedRAMP approved,” said Ratigan.

By combining the eSignLive capabilities with DocPoint’s methodology for designing, implementing, and delivering SharePoint solutions, the companies say, organizations will be able to obtain more value from their enterprise content management investment, while meeting increasingly stringent security standards. In addition, DocPoint can integrate eSignLive with Nintex Workflow and Forms.

To learn more about how DocPoint and eSignLive’s solutions, go to www.esignlive.com/resource-center/are-e-signatures-part-of-your-paperless-office.

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