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DISCO Rolls Out Artificial Intelligence-Powered Platform for Legal E-Discovery

Legal technology company CS Disco Inc. has introduced DISCO AI, a deep learning platform, that applies the latest advancements in machine learning and cloud computing to the complex data analysis challenges presented in the practice of law.

While the company expects that there will be many applications for DISCO AI, initially the focus is to reduce the time, burden, and cost of identifying evidence in legal document review — a process known as e-discovery.

DISCO, a native cloud technology, brings the advantage of GPU compute-on-demand to enable the latest machine learning technologies and algorithms, such as Google’s Word2Vec and a series of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), to deliver higher levels of classification accuracy, faster than possible before in the legal space.

Using DISCO AI, legal teams are presented with predictions for suggested document classifications (or tags) relevant to particular aspects of a case, such as key issues, importance, confidential information, and overall case relevance within the DISCO interface. Working in the background during the normal course of a review, DISCO AI displays Tag Predictions — a suggested tag with a score from -100 to +100, indicating the likelihood that the tag should be applied to the document by a human — in real-time.

According to the vendor, the platform’s ability to correctly predict the likelihood that a tag should or should not be applied to a document is consistently in the 85% to 95% range, even with as few as 50 examples and data sets as small as 2,000 documents. These results, CS Disco says, can enable companies and law firms to reduce the cost of discovery and the time taken to identify key evidence, even on small cases with quicker turnarounds.

For more information, visit the CS Disco Inc. website.

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