Crownpeak, provider of a digital experience platform, has entered into a definitive agreement with German IT service provider adesso SE to acquire adesso subsidiary e-Spirit. Headquartered in Germany, e-Spirit enables businesses to rapidly deliver personalized, content-rich experiences across online channels.  

Crownpeak's SaaS-based solution, Crownpeak, offers capabilities that enable companies to create, deploy, and optimize omnichannel digital experiences with no infrastructure to maintain. Crownpeak’s built-in tools address content management, experience optimization and governance, personalization, web accessibility, and privacy UX so copanies can deliver experiences at scale that are brand-consistent and compliant with global privacy laws—improving loyalty, engagement, and revenue.

e-Spirit’s SaaS-based FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform helps businesses engage customers and increase revenue with personalized, content-rich digital experiences anytime, anywhere.The FirstSpirit platform includes a hybrid headless CMS, AI-driven personalization, and omnichannel marketing capabilities, for individualized and synchronized content delivery across all channels to differentiate their companies.

The acquisition brings together Crownpeak’s SaaS-based web CMS and other offerings—which wrap digital quality, governance and privacy into experience delivery—with e-Spirit’s differentiators, including content-driven commerce experiences and AI-powered personalization.

The combination of capabilities from both companies is aimed at creating an agile digital experience platform for brands, regardless of location or vertical, to easily orchestrate digital experiences that build trust and maximize customer value.

“Through our acquisition of e-Spirit, we’ll enable more companies around the globe to drive meaningful, authentic customer interactions,” said Ravi Kumaraswami, CEO at Crownpeak. “This also doubles Crownpeak’s customer base, providing more opportunities for us to transform digital experience delivery at the 1-to-1 level and on a greater scale. With our talented and expanded team, leading technologies and growing partner channel, we look forward to helping more companies move faster and create more.”

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