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Creatio offers new solutions on the Creatio Marketplace to enhance customer service

Creatio, a global vendor of one platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code, together with its partner community, is releasing a wide range of new applications, connectors, and add-ons to the Creatio Marketplace.

Among the latest releases, the company offers a selection of apps expanding the platform configuration capabilities and the functionality of Service Creatio related to call center management, request registration, task and order management, and processing of support cases.

New apps include:

  • Banza service catalog for Creatio: The app enables users to increase the efficiency of request registration in Creatio. The add-on allows to categorize services and customize their display for internal and portal users according to the terms of the SLA. It’s a useful tool for companies and their service departments that operate with many external clients.
  • ServicePoint for Creatio: The add-on is a perfect tool to manage incoming service requests, including external like customers’ orders, and internal like requests for reports, IT, HR, legal, marketing, maintenance, and recordkeeping services. It ensures even more centralized and structured distribution of requests, execution control, and immediate feedback from the clients. The solution helps make services transparent and easily manageable.
  • Mobile field services for Creatio: The add-on is a lightweight solution to manage order, request, and task management workflows on mobile devices. The app can speed up the automation of support, service, and delivery companies, as well as enhance customer experience.
  • CI Characteristics Designer for Creatio: The solution enhances the configuration capabilities of Creatio by enabling users to create additional dynamic characteristics for all data types and custom lists in the system, as well as to expand the set of Configuration item [CI] fields with specific parameters.
  • Keen Survey Tool for Creatio: The add-on allows to create and manage questionnaires, surveys, interviews, quizzes, certifications, and checklists. The solution enables users to collect and score the survey results.
  • Smart surveys for Creatio: The app provides tools to create online surveys, send them to specific contacts, receive feedback, update contact information or trigger specific processes in response to the received information.
  • Banza Jira connector for Creatio: The connector imports data from Jira to Creatio and provides tools to estimate costs and profits related to Jira projects and epics. It’s an efficient solution for users utilizing both Creatio and Jira.
  • Banza Zabbix connector for Creatio: The solution enables data import from a Zabbix monitoring system to Creatio. The app allows Creatio users to monitor the IT infrastructure, as well as import, and analyze events.
  • Contact center product suite Creatio: The app is a turnkey solution to set up an inbound or outbound call center with AI-based agent scoring and call analytics. The solution enables users to make data-driven decisions, while communicating with customers, and improves call center efficiency.
  • Banza Conversation Scripts for Creatio: The app is designed to improve customer service performance. The solution enables users to monitor processing of support cases and provide ready-to-use answers to frequently asked questions with clients to simplify the work of a support team.

For more information about this news, visit www.creatio.com.

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