Coveo In-Product Experience aims to enrich customer experiences

Coveo, the experience intelligence platform provider for enterprises, is launching the Coveo In-Product Experience Intelligence, an AI-powered solution that enables “as-a-service” providers to deliver powerful, context-aware help to users right within their web applications.

Coveo elevates the customer experience by reducing friction and providing guidance that increases the likelihood of success using the product, while allowing enterprises to support customers far more affordably than with alternatives such as contact centers.

“Subscription-based companies need to deliver experiences that drive usage, engagement and broader adoption of their online offerings,” said Louis Tetu, CEO and Coveo chairman.  “Coveo In-Product Experience Intelligence is a game-changer for these companies, allowing them to provide relevant and intelligent help right within the application itself with a single user click.”

Coveo In-Product Experience Intelligence provides an intelligent experience based on user behavior and understanding rather than static, one-size-fits-all support.

Novices are recommended the information they need to get up to speed, while power users get relevant assistance based on their experience using the service.

By serving helpful content based on user learning, Coveo In-Product Experience Intelligence increases the likelihood that users will continue subscribing to the business’ solution and provides value every time users log in.

Coveo In-Product Experience Intelligence analyzes the context of a help query to deliver the most appropriate support content, improving the customer experience and enabling service providers to use their resources more efficiently.

Coveo In-Product Experience Intelligence sources content from multiple places, and automatically ensures that the most relevant content is provided to users.

Instead of requiring users to sift through static help content or leave their workflow to access a self-service portal, Coveo In-Product Experience Intelligence continuously presents the most relevant information right within the context of the application.

Deployment and use of Coveo In-Product Experience Intelligence is simple and easy. Application developers can employ this feature by adding just one line of code to their service, and then manage it right within the Coveo Experience Intelligence Platform administration console.

For more information about this news, visit www.coveo.com.

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