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Coveo Extends Global Partner Program

Coveo,  a provider of AI-powered search technology, is launching the newly extended Coveo Partner Program to further support and enable its partner ecosystem in building more personalization and relevance features into solution offerings.

According to Coveo, successfully implementing its technological solution for its customers takes many forms, often executed in collaboration with different partners. In working with  solutions providers, Coveo has seen its AI-powered technology interlaid in customer projects, often in novel ways, and as a result, its solutions proliferate across a wider customer sphere than Coveo could reach alone. The Coveo Partner Program supports Coveo’s partners in their continued work to implement solutions with faster project turnaround time and more effective results for their customers.

By injecting Coveo’s AI-powered search technology, partners will be able to deliver high-value customer projects by leveraging Coveo’s usage analytics and machine-learning algorithms to identify and define improvements. Partners will be able to enhance the value story and ROI they are able to deliver on and will be able to solve more of customer challenges beyond initial use cases.

A full suite of support options are available to partners at each step of the way, including a Coveo Partner Portal and exclusive access to Coveo’s training catalog. Knowledge garnered during the training program helps partners to solve customer challenges beyond initial use cases and to deliver successful customer projects efficiently.

Additional resources include partner licenses for demos, early access release support for incubator projects, solution design consultation and access to a marketing co-op fund for joint go-to-market activities. Partners can also take advantage of the partner success mentoring program, which includes a dedicated Partner Success Manager to ensure partners’ implementations are well-designed right up front.

Coveo’s strategic partnerships have played a key role in the company’s growth, said Marie-Michele Caron, global alliances director at Coveo.  Through the solutions that Coveo’s partners have implemented, the company is seeing personalization become much more mainstream and Coveo wants to continue providing resources in order to help its partners support their customers, she added.

For more information, go to www.coveo.com/en/company/partners.

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