Contegra Systems and dtSearch Partner to Release New User Interface for Combined Platform

Contegra Systems is teaming up with dtSearch to release a new version of Contegra’s Kaleido user interface built around the dtSearch Engine SDK, with new features working alongside Kaleido’s search interface built on top of dtSearch’s developer API.

dtSearch’s core product for developers, the dtSearch Engine offers the ability to instantly search terabytes of text, including more than 25 full-text and metadata-driven search options.  The dtSearch Engine works with online and offline data, including emails and attachments, a range of document types, website data, and other databases. 

Kaleido assists organizations that, without fully delving into the dtSearch Engine’s C++, Java and .NET APIs, want to embed dtSearch Engine functionality in text-rich data applications.

According to the vendors, this platform update introduces a new “auto-suggest search assistant” option that lets the end user hone in on key concepts while entering a search request. 

Prior to indexing with the dtSearch Engine, Kaleido extracts key concepts from each document or database row,  then ranks all key concepts by relevance, and adds this relevancy-ranked data ‘on the fly’ while indexing with the dtSearch Engine, according to the company.

Additonal features include an existing faceted search wrapper around the dtSearch Engine faceted search developer APIs. An accompanying Contegra web server-running solution enables hit-highlighting in PDFs without requiring special software installation by the end user.

For more information about the platform, visit contegrasystems.com

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