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Connotate Rolls Out New Cloud Offering

Connotate, Inc., provider of a web data extraction platform for the information services industry and data-centric businesses, has introduced a new offering that allows organizations to use the Connotate web extraction and monitoring technology in the cloud.

External data sources are now critical for any big data strategy, observed Vince Sgro, CTO of Connotate, noting that businesses are increasingly combining internal data, with timely external web data, to create smarter datasets to drive more informed business decision making in their organizations.

According to the company, with Connotate Cloud, businesses get the benefits of the Connotate platform as a cloud-based service while avoiding the capital hardware investment and internal resources that are required to manage hardware and software infrastructure.  

Connotate enables technical and non-technical users to target, harvest, and structure data sourced from websites and web-based applications. Providing a patented visual approach to web data extraction, the Connotate platform combines point-and-click agent creation, broad site coverage, and resiliency to provide Connotate customers with an easier way to add new web data sources, manage them, and extract the data they need.

The new cloud service is available in two packages. "Express" is targeted at organizations that are getting started, perhaps with some news or general content aggregation, basic competitive intelligence or company profile monitoring. "Premier" offers a cloud platform at scale, with hundreds of thousands of pages or more from just a few sites, or thousands of sites.

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