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Concord Contract Management Platform Now Offered on the Salesforce AppExchange

Concord, a contract lifecycle management platform, has launched Concord on the Salesforce AppExchange, enabling businesses to connect with their customers, partners, and employees in new ways. The Concord platform creates an automated, collaborative environment where contracts are managed as a key business process, improving the time to revenue, efficiency, scale and internal policy compliance of sales contracts.

According to Concord, as organizations scale, contracts are often one of the first things that begin to lag, which can impact sales as the time increases between a proposal and signing the deal.

Transforming the business processes of contract management, negotiation and signature into an automated, simple, secure, single and collaborative digital environment, Concord aims to help eliminate slowdowns and bottlenecks in the sales and contract negotiation cycle.

With Concord on Salesforce AppExchange, the company says, sales teams get what they need (ability to close more deals, faster than before); legal teams get what they need (control of the contracting process, simple path to compliance); and finance teams what they need (get improved visibility and revenue forecasting). 

The contract management platform provides access to standard contract templates, redlining within the platform, real-time conversation and editing, approvals and e-signatures. With all parties and documents in a central, collaborative digital location, the traditional frictions surrounding contract negotiation are eliminated and time to revenue is accelerated.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, Concord is currently available on the AppExchange here.

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