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Collibra Catalog Helps Healthcare Organizations Discover Clinical, Financial, and Operational Data

Collibra, a provider of data governance software for business users, has introduced Collibra Catalog, a report and a data catalog that helps users locate clinical, financial, and operational data. 

According to Collibra, the catalog takes an advanced “consumerized” approach to data and report access that enables healthcare business users to find and “shop” for relevant information in much the same way as they shop for products in their everyday lives on consumer sites like Amazon. 

Healthcare represents a fast growing data environment, and the ability to quickly find and use trusted data is essential to lowering healthcare costs while promoting better patient care, said Stan Christiaens, Collibra CTO, noting that the catalog addresses the time-intensive and tedious process of finding good quality data.

Collibra Catalog is intended to serve as a single source of intelligence data experts who can leverage advanced semantic search features to find, use, and enrich data assets for a more immediate business impact; business intelligence analysts who can devote more of their time to solving real business problems; and “self-service” data citizens who can drive insight through collaboration and crowdsourcing to increase the value of existing data assets and eliminating data silos. 

For more information on Collibra Catalog, visit www.collibra.com

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