Cipher Systems Unveils Comprehensive Knowledge Management Software Solution

Cipher Systems, an intelligence technology and consulting firm, is launching new knowledge management software that will provide users with smarter and faster decision making to gather, organize, and analyze information.

Dubbed Knowledge360, the subscription-based, turn-key solution provides a complete competitive intelligence and knowledge management solution for companies of all sizes, and across industries.

“Knowledge360 represents a transformative advance in competitive intelligence,” said Peter Grimm, Cipher Systems managing director. “Traditionally, CI and Strategy practitioners can spend as much as half their time collecting data and information, leaving little time for analysis and developing strategic insights. With Knowledge360, we’ve flipped the model and estimate organizations can achieve 45% more analysis for less than half the cost.”

Knowledge360 is a scalable solution that can serve competitive intelligence teams and scale to support the largest and most complex enterprises.

Knowledge360 provides a customizable portal that seamlessly integrates numerous included premium data sources with companies own internal files and information - allowing users to quickly find, view, and share information throughout the organization.

Knowledge360 streamlines the curation of competitor information and speeds reporting with built-in dashboards, allowing users to customize what sources and information they want see and quickly create views that can be shared across their organizations.

Other key features include dynamic analytics capabilities that allow users to view, edit, create and share dynamic analysis all in one portal, advanced reporting, access to real-time data, and receptive discovery analysis.

“Engaging our customers in the development process from the start, and applying our knowledge of the demands on today’s CI and Strategy professionals, we have built a competitively-priced solution that allows our customers to maximize their time in order to do more with less,” said Beau Oliver, Cipher’s director of business development.

For more information about Knowledge 360, visit www.cipher-sys.com.

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