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Catalyst Launches Integrated Managed Review Service

Catalyst is launching Catalyst Managed Review, a new service that combines both managed review and review technology in an integrated package. With Catalyst Managed Review, the company says, clients get Catalyst’s search, analytics and review platform, Catalyst Insight, backed by experienced review managers and Insight-trained reviewers so that their review team and their review technology work together seamlessly. 

According to the vendor, as review costs in e-discovery continue to rise, corporations and their counsel can no longer afford to draw a distinction between review management and review technology and must move to integrate human review with advanced machine learning technology in order to optimize workflow and minimize expense. With the new service, clients can now work with one vendor to streamline workflow and assure quality, according to John Tredennick, Catalyst’s founder and CEO.

A key feature of this new offering, the company says, is its Active Review functionality. Integrated into Catalyst Insight is the technology assisted review engine, Insight Predict, which leverages advanced algorithms for getting to the right documents more quickly. With Active Review, the system continuously learns from reviewers’ judgments and selects the best documents to move the review forward. According to Catalyst, review and TAR (technology assisted review) work hand-in-hand, speeding the review and lowering costs.

To learn more, visit catalystsecure.com.

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