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Cambridge Semantics adds unstructured 2.0 capabilities

Cambridge Semantics, a provider of modern data management and analytics software, has announced updates to its Anzo data discovery and integration platform, providing customers with the newest technology available in graph-based data management and analysis.

Anzo is a modern data discovery and integration layer to connect and bring meaning to enterprise data from any system across the enterprise. Anzo enables skilled data scientists and novice business users to find, connect, and blend any enterprise data into analytics-ready datasets. Anzo’s graph data models provide business users with a visual map of enterprise data that is easy to understand and navigate, even when data is vast, siloed and complex. Semantics add business content to data, allowing users to harmonize data based on shared definitions and build blended, business-ready data on demand.

A notable update to Anzo is enhanced treatment of unstructured data, which Cambridge Semantics calls  “unstructured data 2.0.” Anzo’s workflow was rearchitected from an embedded to a distributed architecture, which provides better workflow and work process management. This also enables Anzo to scale for larger data integrations at faster speeds, which is especially beneficial for very large, distributed companies, such as those Cambridge Semantics works with in the life sciences, financial services, and manufacturing industries. Anzo’s user interface design was redesigned and optimized to simplify onboarding unstructured data, making it easier for business users to work with the platform.

“Our Anzo enhancements come at a time when the market for our technology is exploding,” said Sean Martin, CTO and co-founder, Cambridge Semantics, “Graph models and unstructured data are becoming better understood and more readily adopted, and more of our customers now understand the value of diverse unstructured data and how to work with it. Anzo has always differentiated itself in the market by allowing customers to treat unstructured data as a first-class citizen and this latest version of Anzo raises the bar even further. We are committed to helping guide the industry with the best tools available to help organizations transform their data management and analytics operations.”

The newest version of Anzo includes several additional updates, including improved automation in onboarding workflows, query builder enhancements, new administrative monitoring tools, and a beta version of Kubernetes-based GraphMart's cloud deployment powered by AnzoGraph DB.

For more information on our products, visit www.cambridgesemantics.com

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