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CLCD unveils Enterprise Version 7.0, promises game-changing experience for librarians and educators

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CLCD, a provider of children’s literature database products for educators and librarians in the United States, is releasing CLCD Enterprise Version 7.0, a milestone achievement that aims to transform the way professionals in the education sector access and utilize resources.

With three years in the making, Version 7.0 represents a major leap in search technology and content presentation, offering an array of exciting features designed to empower educators, librarians, and institutions across the nation, according to the company.

Highlights of CLCD Version 7.0 include:

  • Collaborative Reading List: In an era of ever-evolving collections, Version 7.0 recognizes the importance of collaboration in collection development. The new Collaborative Reading Lists provide educators and librarians with the tools they need to engage in collective scrutiny and auditing of their collection’s development process, according to the company. 
  • Updated Title Display: As the company's content library continues to grow, Version 7.0 enhances and streamlines title displays, ensuring that users can access the maximum benefit from CLCD's resources. The layout is improved to make it more user-friendly with easier navigation and review.
  • Deeper Integration with QuickFind K-12: Version 7.0 brings even closer integration of reading lists and content, bridging the gap between the power of CLCD Enterprise and the ease of discovery in QuickFind K-12.
  • Integration with Class-Shelf Plus: The company's newest product, Class-Shelf Plus (CSP), is a game-changer in school and classroom collections. Version 7.0 offers a deeper integration of CSP, unlocking the full potential of CLCD database resources in school settings for teachers and media specialists with easy administrative oversight.
  • Updated Search Engine: Speed and accuracy are paramount in research. Version 7.0 introduces a brand-new search engine across all CLCD's products, delivering faster retrieval and enhanced precision, with ongoing improvements planned for the next 18 months.
  • Updated Framework for New Updates: This enhancement paves the way for future interface improvements, making our applications faster, more user-friendly, and seamlessly integrated with partners and other products in upcoming versions.

"CLCD Version 7.0 is a testament to our commitment to empowering educators and librarians with cutting-edge tools and resources,” said Dr. Ajay Gupte, president of CLCD. “We believe this release will enhance and assist the landscape of educational research and collection development in all our subscriber institutions."

For more information about this news, visit https://clcd.com.

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