CAS Launches Patent Platform

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, is introducing its latest patent workflow solution, PatentPak, in both SciFinder and STN, allowing an easier way for research professionals to find and track information.

PatentPak allows professionals to track down the specific location of chemical information in patents with interactive links to substances, securely access full-text patents from major patent offices, and find an equivalent patent in a familiar language.

PatentPak provides access to nearly 9 million full-text patents (and growing) across 31 major patent offices.

The interactive patent chemistry viewer has built-in search functionality facilitating fast, efficient access to the exact locations of information a researcher needs.

By taking users immediately to the location of the key chemical information they need, PatentPak saves hours, enhancing productivity and providing a competitive edge in the race to protect novel inventions, according to Craig Stephens, vice president of sales at CAS.

For more information about PatentPak, visit www.cas.org

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