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BA Insight unveils ConnectivityHub preview, Microsoft Search connectors, and new search product for Teams

BA Insight, a provider of AI-driven enterprise search technology, has announced availability of ConnectivityHub, a scalable, purpose-built platform upon which connectors for enterprise systems are built. 

There are more than 70 enterprise connectors available for the recently announced Microsoft Search.

According to Microsoft, third-party connectors provide a key capability and differentiating factor that will drive adoption and success of Microsoft Search.  BA Insight has been working with Microsoft to help define the new API requirements and validating it through the reengineering of its products to support both Microsoft Search and Cloud SSA deployments.

Based on the experience BA Insight has with the development and implementation of high-performance indexing connectors, this collaboration has enabled the company to bring the “voice of BAI enterprise customers” to Microsoft, further validating the need for extensibility to provide true boundary-less search.

“Microsoft Search is a giant leap forward in delivering a true integrated search solution for enterprises with content spread across multiple systems, both within and outside of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem,” said Tony Malandain, founder and head of development at BA Insight.  “With Microsoft 365 becoming more open and extensible, users benefit from having additional options to implement technologies that further improve their productivity, such as the integration of external enterprise content into the search interface and new UIs to improve their search experiences.” 

Separately, BA Insight, also announced its BA Insight for Microsoft Teams product, which extends Teams beyond a collaboration tool to an enterprise-wide platform that increases its adoption and stickiness. It provides users with an internet-like search experience embedded within Teams, making it easier to find information across the organization without ever leaving the application.

BA Insight for Microsoft Teams leverages advanced search capabilities such as natural language query, bots, and machine learning-based recommendations to help users find personalized information. It provides AI-driven content classification to analyze information, extract key ideas, and intelligently add metadata.  Finally, it provides a unified view of enterprise information through connectivity to over 70 systems.

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