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BA Insight Collaborates with LexisNexis to Invigorate Legal Processes

BA Insight and LexisNexis Legal & Professional are forming an alliance that integrates both platforms to enhance legal research, drafting, and review processes.

The partnership will enable Lexis Search Advantage to integrate natively into law firms’ Microsoft SharePoint environments using the BA Insight Software Portfolio.

By layering Lexis Search Advantage capabilities on top of their BA Insight knowledge management systems, law firms can open up access to the full capabilities and content of LexisNexis research solutions.

Lexis Search Advantage enables legal professionals to search and vet their firm’s internal documents, and then validate and extend their research to the portfolio of LexisNexis legal research tools and resources, such as Lexis Advance, Shepard’s Citation Service, LexisNexis Litigation Profile Suite, as well as the open web. 

Attorneys and legal professionals can work directly within SharePoint to locate relevant background information on legal entities and citations in documents and emails via links that are added in real time, quickly confirm that citations on legal documents are still good law, and conduct more effective research by adding metadata via the LexisNexis categorization service and surfacing it with BA Insight’s Visual Refiners.

The partnership was inspired by the experiences of the two firms and the recognition that they share common customers, according to Jeff Fried, CTO of BA Insight.

“We mutually decided this was worth investing in,” Fried said. “The integration itself is quite powerful. Our relationship with LexisNexis from our standpoint has been very positive. That has allowed us to provide this integration quite quickly and to work with joint customers very smoothly.”

For more information about this partnership, visit http://bainsight.com.

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