Aviso reveals version 2.0 of its AI sales forecasting platform

Aviso, a provider of AI-powered forecasting and sales guidance, is unveiling version 2.0 of its platform, powering the solution with a variety of new AI upgrades.

Aviso’s AI-powered guided selling platform helps companies break free from the limits of legacy CRM in driving performance by using AI tools to prioritize opportunities and ensure reps’ time is spent closing deals.

It analyzes data from myriad sources including CRM activity, email, calendars, daily chats, and support and success tools, delivering real-time insights and next-best-action guidance to help sales teams close more deals and consistently beat their quotas.

The 2.0 version includes a swath of critical new AI-powered features such as: 

  • Deal Execution Tools including a machine-learning generated Bookings Timeline, Opportunity Acceleration with Pull-Ins from future quarters, and Informed Editing that gives users contextual help before they commit to forecasts.
  • Deal and Forecast Rooms that serve as dedicated workspaces for go-to-market teams, allowing revenue leaders to do what-if analysis, drive collaboration across deal stages with AI insights, use scenario modeling to optimize revenue, and auto-summarize forecast calls and deal-review transcripts to drive business alignment.
  • Coaching Rooms that allow sales managers to improve rep performance, optimize actions, and devise winning playbooks based on deal intelligence mined from CRM data, past and current deals, and team-wide activity in Deal and Forecast Rooms.
  • Contextual Nudges that provide sales reps with mobile and other device app-based reminders for deal success. Nudges enable reps to execute timely actions, recommended course corrections, and potential next steps based on industry- and deal-specific insights.

Aviso’s 2.0 platform is powered by a next-generation core predictive framework that brings more simplicity and flexibility by drawing on additional CRM datasets and third-party data sources to generate training data 400% faster.

The new and improved machine-learning framework is optimized for automated model building, prototypes for feature selection, and support for deeper prediction.

Aviso’s 2.0 platform is currently in beta with select customers and ahead of a general release later this year. 

For more information about this news, visit www.aviso.com.

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