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Archive360 creates developer program to extend business users’ access to archived data

Archive360, the archiving and information management provider trusted by enterprises and government agencies, is offering the Archive360 Extend developer program, giving customers and partners access to the company’s unique APIs (application programming interfaces).

With Archive360 Extend, users can now benefit from one search to directly access, manage, and extract relevant data from the Archive360 archive in the comfort and familiarity of their preferred applications, while professionals in the legal, IT and compliance units are assured that all data is being appropriately managed, according to the vendor.

“Companies offering vital services such as eDiscovery, internal and external audits and core business applications are not in the business of archiving and managing information—that’s our specialty,” said Robert DeSteno, co-founder and CEO of Archive360. “In today’s operating environment, skilled professionals prioritize working from the applications they access daily. Archive360 now makes it possible for these users to access and leverage data in Archive360’s repository from those apps with one search —in most cases, they won’t even know where the data is, only that their access is fully authorized and secure. Archive360 Extend represents a new advance in archiving and information management, and we’re just getting started.”

The new program enables a seamless, secure and compliant connection between two complementary forces: the Archive360 information management platform’s ability to onboard, manage and store massive volumes of business data—including files, videos, audio, CRM, ERP, emails/electronic communication, social media and more—and companies specializing in complex disciplines such as eDiscovery and data analytics, serving business users who need immediate, authorized, and secure access to all relevant data resources without having to switch between applications.

Other The collective benefits include:

  • One Search: Greater visibility into any data source connected to the Archive360 archive, and greater control over that data: how it’s processed, stored, protected, and managed, with performance tailored to meet specific business needs
  • Scalability: Process and manage petabytes of data, rapidly, cost-effectively, and dynamically scale horizontally and vertically to meet any workload
  • Security: True Zero Trust data security with unparalleled PII protection—even system administrators can’t access the data without explicit approval
  • Defensible Compliance: Ensuring data accuracy, compliance and reliability through immutable storage, data localization, and an audit trail to capture the complete chain of custody. Separate micro-APIs run in the right place across on-premises, in-country or overseas cloud infrastructures ensuring compliance with data localization requirements
  • Risk Management: Eliminating redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) information; replacing legacy systems; and optimizing storage
  • Comprehensive Functionality: There’s one front-end API for ingestion, operations, monitoring, admin, records, discovery, machine learning and analytics, along with micro-APIs
  • Open Framework: The APIs are extensible—for example, Archive360’s archive functionality can be seamlessly embedded into independent software vendors’ applications and customer portals

As a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution provider, Archive360 enables organizations to migrate and onboard massive volumes of data to the cloud, with full control over data security, privacy, access, and compliance.

Archive360 APIs are managed with a Zero-Trust framework that encompasses data threat surfaces, lifecycles, governance and more—a critical advantage in today’s operating environment, according to the vendor.

For more information about this news, visit www.archive360.com.

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