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Applause partners with Infosys

Applause, a provider of digital quality and crowdsourced testing software, has formed a partnership with Infosys, a provider of digital services and consulting, to provide broader end-to-end digital experience testing services to clients.

The partnership combines Infosys’ behind-the-firewall validation with Applause’s crowd-testing approach to deliver results for clients across three focus areas—getting closer to customers, increasing development velocity, and delivering high-quality digital experiences.

The relationship with Applause will help ensure that clients’ digital experiences are validated by real customers and highly vetted testers before new features are released into the market thereby improving our clients’ customer satisfaction ratings, said Mohit Joshi, president, Infosys.

Clients are already leveraging the solution, with a leading US-based credit card company using it to launch a new card promotion. The promotion was built and hosted by Infosys, and then tested in eight cities by real client customers who were part of a vetted team managed by Applause. Within 10 days, the team identified misclassifications for 15% of the tested transactions and was able to fix the back-end defects before they appeared on cardholder statements. The joint approach enabled the credit card company to deliver a fast and flawless roll-out of the new bonus promotion, driving high customer satisfaction while limiting customer service costs associated with launching a flawed promotion.

The Applause-Infosys partnership is expected to deliver accelerated feedback for customers from a suite of testing capabilities that fit into clients’ agile processes, allowing them to test more frequently, with better device coverage, even faster.

“Every new release and digital experience—whether it’s an app, chatbot or omnichannel purchasing experience—should be tested by actual users in real-world situations," said Doron Reuveni, founder and CEO of Applause. "Together, we can ensure a broader set of clients can easily access these essential solutions.”

For more information, go to www.applause.com and www.infosys.com.

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