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Appian Upgrades Low-Code Platform

Appian, a low-code and business process management platform provider, has announced the latest version of the Appian platform with patent pending intelligent and automatic parallelization for multi-core processing.

This extends Appian’s low-code design experience, allowing Appian customers to capture complex rule and interface logic in a visual and intuitive design experience that does not require learning complex coding.

According to Appian, its latest innovation removes complexity with programming for parallel computing—a computer science programming technique allowing a computation with many calculations to be carried out simultaneously. The upgrades intelligently analyze the design of a customer's software application built in Appian and automatically optimizes the code for parallelization across multiple CPU cores. Traditionally, developers manually write code in 3GL development tools to take advantage of multi-core CPUs. Furthermore, as the number of CPU cores increases over time, writing code that takes maximum advantage of these cores becomes increasingly challenging.

Automatic parallelization of a sequential program has long been considered the “holy grail of parallel computing in computer science,” said Michael Beckley, CTO, Appian. Appian has achieved this with its patented SAIL engine by implementing intelligent analysis of a customer’s algorithms.  In this way, he said, Appian can avoid common issues with parallel computing, such as race conditions, while also optimizing the execution of the sequential logic in parallel.

The latest release of the Appian platform will be available to Appian customers and partners on November 17th, 2017.

For more information, visit www.appian.com.

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